Graceful yet Tough
Ito rakusui ® is an original and registered brand
of Kincho Tokushu Paper Co., Ltd.

Story:Birth of ito rakusui

The town of Ichikawa Misato in Yamanashi Prefecture is known as the largest production area of traditional "shoji" paper blinds in Japan. Washi, or Japanese paper, produced here has long been called "hada yoshi shi" -- meaning paper like beautiful skin -- hence its smoothness that resembles the glowing skin of beautiful women. Paper manufaturers of the area upheld their reputation as purveyors to the feudal government. Ever since its founding in this prestegious region as one of the proud paper manufacturing firms, Kincho Tokusyu Paper has continued to hand-craft products of the highest quality to this day.
Demand for "shoji" paper blinds in Japan has been declining due to the changes in lifestyle. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that the modern Japanese people will remain with the emotinal sense of attachment with washi paper, and that is why we pursued for a new kind of "shoji" paper blinds that matches contemporary living and architecture. Thus, the innovation of weaving thread with rakusui paper has brought about the new and sensational material ito rakusui.


Ito rakusui is a new type of paper material that balances traditional texture of washi with improved beauty and durability.

Passes Light Gently

Scattered contrast patterns combined with transparant waterdrop marks allow dim light to pass through gently. Ideal as soft space divider screen or shading curtain that lets light in. Light and airy, our paper screens do not give the feeling of pressure when you need to divide a room or just want just a partial view of a room.

Strong and Durable

Grids of special thread is woven with paper so as to improve tensile strength dramatically yet maintaining the gentle feel and texture. Its durability opens the door to new opportunities of paper products. We welcome any new ideas for product development or collaborative projects.

Artistic Designing

With coloring and printing, paper turns into artwork. A fine combination of paper and cloth, ito rakusui represents a new touch of creative art when used as packages or handcraft materials.

UV Ray Cutting and Humidity Control Effect

Not only are washi papers known to reduce UV rays, they undergo respiration and are effective in controling room humidity. Just like plants, paper inhales moisture and then breathes it out into the air, therefore helping to maintain room humidity at an ideal level. Made entirely of natural ingredients, our paper is safe and non-allergic.

Abhesive to Glass with Water Only

Simply spray water on glass and stick ito rakusui paper onto the surface. Highly recommended for decorating showcases and windows, sun-shading and blinding certain spaces.

Made-to-order:design, size and OEMs

Create a truly unique item of your own out of ito rakusui paper.

1. Custom made printing

You can print your own design onto ito rakusui paper. Why not print your logo on shop curtain as the symbol of your store? 'Noren' curtains in Japan are hung at entrances and serve not only as an impressive art display but also as the shop symbol.

*Please be aware that we use pigmented ink which is not always appropriate for extremely fine-pitch printing.

2. Made-to-order sizes

We can cut paper into the size of your request, the maximum width being 1,000 mm. Striking and impressive as decorations in large shops and architecture.

3. OEM products

We offer OEM products from ito rakusui paper, which are made according to the customer's specification -- for example, paper shopping bags, wrapping papers or any other paper product with a customized design, functions or colors of your choice.

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Calling for business partners

In pursuit of innovations of washi paper, Kincho Tokushu Paper is looking for business partners from diverse field and industry to work together with. We welcome any companies, designers and students to collaborate on new business or product development. Feel free to contact us!